UC-GSP Activities


  • Campaign
  • Registration
  • Getting to know eachr other
  • Purpose of an organization
  • History of Scounting
  • Promise and Law
  • Patrol System
  • Scrapbook Making
  • Election of Officers (Unit Staff)
  • Drills
  • Checking of Uniform
  • 1st Checking Scrapbook
  • Phonetics Alphabet
  • Games
  • Planning for Investiture
  • Drills
  • Investiture
  • Planning for backyard Encampment
  • Morse code
  • Trail Signs
  • Drills
  • Review
  • Knot Tying
  • 2nd Checking Scrapbook
  • Drills
  • Backyard Encampment
  • Review
  • Symaphore
  • Planning for Area Encampment
  • Lashing
  • Drills
  • Review
  • Presentation Practices
  • 3nd Checking Scrapbook
  • Drills
  • Area Encampment
  • Christmas Party


ans gsp said...

hello mga girls scouts sa UC apil mo sa Area one

Shamaine nabua said...

we hope that we can join the council encampment and the the national encampment....

Shamaine R. Nabua said...

nice kau ang akong mga experiences sa council encampment...like sa adventure games, nalingaw jud koh....ug sa kadtong sa treking...most especially sa swimming...first time nsko kablo ug swim....thank you kayo kay nakaapil ko sa council encampment...

Chazzy Rhys Gabutin said...

hi mga sisters!!!!!
finally i've joined this site.... now pwede na jud ko makapanabe unsa ka nindot ang akong pagka girl scout.... :)

Chazzy Rhys Gabutin said...

The Regional Encampment was the most memorable encampment I've joined..... Ahahahahaha :)Didto nakasuway ko ug ma slide sa hagdan, mag sigeh ug stroy telling sa tent, maka meet ug mga other girl scouts nga mga GWAPA... there I learned so many things that I will treasure forever... ahahahahahaha.. 000

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