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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Monopod (Selfie pod)

Taking pictures and videos has never been easier! Finally, Im ready to take pictures with my monopod or so called "selfie 

Go lite and travel lite...Monopod is an ideal for people who love to travel and perfect for Video blogging, Hiking/Camping, Weddings, Parties, the Beach, Concerts, Sports Events and so many more! This is a better way than hand-held shooting. 

Specifications: *cameras interface : Universal 1/4 screw *Net weight: 130 grams. Very light *Size of product: 7 segments *Max weight: 500g *Closes to as small as 20cm (6 inches) *Extends up to around 46 inches This is made of stainless and rubber. Wanna have it? Order                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Thank you for reading and commenting...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Be a Dreamer

When the clock strikes midnight on new Year's Eve, it's easy to believe in magic. The year is ahead of you and anything can happen!

See the New Year with new eyes-eyes of faith, hope and imagination. Is this the year you'll finally travel outside the country meet your celebraty role model or win the talent contest? dare to dream and it just might come true! Happy New Year everyone!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013
Now that the new year is in view and the old one's simply fled, here's a wish for happiness to grace the year ahead! May you have wonderful and prosperous times!

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Monday, December 31, 2012

Corregidor Island

Have you seen a huge tadpole?
Came and visit Corregidor Island, Philippines. This is Corregidor Island Tour Map guide. It looks like a huge tadpole in terms of shape and figure.

The distance from Topside to Bottom side is three kilometer long. Its width is five kilometers at its widest point. Corregidor Island has an elevation of 628 feet above sea level at Topside and 50 feet above sea level a Bottom side .

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Friday, July 27, 2012

GSP Officers

Here are the Official List of GSP Officers (Year Level)
 S.Y. 2012-2013

Grade Seven
Name of Officers
Chairman:Maria Ethelia C. Aribal
Vice-Chairman:Rhiena P. Vergara
SecretaryDanya P. Rosales
Asst. Secretary:Melanie O. Abella
TreasurerPia Lyn C. Mosquite
Asst. Treasurer:Kimberly Caparida
Auditor:Donna Mae A. Fabio
Business Manager & Documentation:Trixie Nicole B. Cgadas
Second Year
Name of Officers
Chairman:Khryzia Marie Largo
Vice-Chairman:Gilian Claire Cabaguing
SecretaryKeith Ranido
Asst. Secretary:Patricia mae Flores
TreasurerLyecca Marie Gallardo
Asst. Treasurer:Lyca Opena
Auditor:Karla Marie Obenieta
Business Manager & Documentation:Emmarie Baring
Third & Fourth Year
 Officers Name
Chairman:Amethest Java
Vice-Chairman:Shamaine Nabua
SecretaryDianne Claire Pulvera
Asst. Secretary:Lorraine Maglinte
TreasurerLorenz Jean Diola
Asst. Treasurer:
Auditor:Heidi Marie Apostol
Business Manager & Documentation:

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Patrol System S.Y. 2012-2013

S.Y. 2012-2013

Patrol Cherry Blossom
(Symbolizes Good education, Spiritual beauty)
Patrol Leader: Largo, Khryzia Maria
Patrol Second: Iwayan, Cathleen Gayle
Patrol Scribe: Teoxon, Michelle Marie Therese
Patrol Treasurer: Morandarte, Stephanie
Grub Leader: Gumanay, Julia Anne
Hike and Aid Leader: Godinez, Landee
Song and Cheer Leader: Llaban, Kheana
Quarter Leader: Baquio, Jackielou

Patrol Rose
(Symbolizes Innocent love, Beauty and youth)
Patrol Leader: Nabua, Shamaine
Patrol Second: Maglinte, Lorraine
Patrol Scribe: Gallardo, Lycca Marie
Patrol Treasurer: Baring, Emmarie
Grub Leader: AnnVosotros, Nicole Armie
Hike and Aid Leader: Jumonong, Melche Ann
Song and Cheer Leader: Ponla, Fatima Grace
Quarter Leader: Vigilancia, Laurynne May 

Patrol Lavender
(Symbolizes Acknowledgment, Constancy)
Patrol Leader: Ylanan, Marianne
Patrol Second: Fabio, Donna Mae
Patrol Scribe: Seciban, Lavella
Patrol Treasurer: Paghacian, Ma. Heneva
Grub Leader: Manatad, Jeselle Laica
Song and Cheer Leader: Aribal, Maria Ethelia
Hike and Aid Leader: tanio, Jill Olive
Quarter Leader: Satera, ma. Nieve

Patrol Jasmine
(Symbolizes Cheerfulness, Good sense of humor)
Patrol Leader: Java, Amethest
Patrol Second: Pulvera, dianne Claire
Patrol Scribe: Carreon, Shelley
Patrol Treasurer: Ocampo, Kathleen Anne
Grub Leader: Gelbolingo, Armira
Song and Cheer Leader: Galabasa, Ellah Mae
Hike and Aid Leader: Diola, Lorenz Jean
Quarter Leader: Caparida, Kimberly

Tiger Lily or Water Lily
(Symbolizes Pride, Wealth)
Patrol Leader: Dela Cerna, Marianne
Patrol Second: Rabor, Johann Margarette
Patrol Scribe: Flores, Patricia Mae
Patrol Treasurer: Villaneza, Leah
Grub Leader: Delica, Casey Louise
Cantiveros, Mary Beth
Song and Cheer Leader: Tamayo, Nicole Angelie
Hike and Aid Leader: Co, Sofia Andrine
Quarter Leader: Bolotano, Zofia

Patrol Sunflower
(Symbolizes Wishes, Loyalty)
Patrol Leader: Apostol, Heidi
Patrol Second: Obenita, Karla Marie
Patrol Scribe: Caballes, Renee Marie
Patrol Treasurer: Calipes, Cherry Ann
Grub Leader: Buselak, Lourraine
Song and Cheer Leader: Vergara, Rhiena
Hike and Aid Leader: Abella, Melanie
Quarter Leader: Tumilap, Crishele Mae

Patrol Lutos
(Symbolizes Purity, Truth, Mystery, Estranged love)
Patrol Leader: Cebu, Raquel
Patrol Second: Ranido, Keith
Patrol Scribe: Rosales, Danya
Patrol Treasurer: Mosquite, Pia Lyn
Grub Leader: Deveraturda, Vienna Mae
Song and Cheer Leader: Ybanez, Daisy
Hike and Aid  Leader: Agmata, Rosalina
Quarter Leader: Bia, Steffie Blair

Patrol Daisy
Symbolizes sweetness, Loyalty
Patrol Leader: Eguchi, Arani
Patrol Second: Paras, Johanna Jane
Patrol Scribe: Corbeta, Suzie
Patrol Treasurer: Leyros, Fe
Grub Leader: Ouano, Mariel
Song and Cheer Leader: Cagados, Trexie Nicole
Hike Leader: Pondoyo, Christine Lyka
Quarter Leader: Opolentisima

Group 9-Patrol Anthurium
Symbolizes Hospitality

Patrol Leader:
Patrol Second:
Patrol Scribe:
Patrol Treasurer:
Grub Leader:
Song and Cheer Leader:
Hike Leader:
Quarter Leader:

Flowers collection credit
goes to Buzzle

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