Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Vote, No Voice

It is my responsibility and right to cast out my votes as a citizen. For which I believe a vote counts. This morning I was so excited and I wake up early. After taking a bath and breakfast, I rush directly to the Polling Center. I was amazed, there are many people which I did not used to see on an ordinary days. Therefore, I join the line to verify and claim my precinct number. I thought this election is a fast and better election system in the country. Because of so-called” automation”, the new facility and technology we adopt.

Honestly, this was a very tiring, chaos and time-consuming election system in the part of voters. As what I observed and experienced. I got my priority number for almost an hour and keep on waiting for another 6 hours. Wow! Very slow and dragging, the system is very poor. I pity on those senior citizen, they are not entertained and severed properly. I had seen some people shouting, pushing and begging like a hungry or even like on the cock-fighting scene. I am disappointed but I do not have choice but to wait. In order to survive there is a need to be more patience or else go home, quit and be a loser in life Principle.

Thanks God! Finally, I gave my turn after 7 hours of waiting. Now, I am hoping for the next election. There will be improvements and to have organize system. Frankly, it is not about the machine however, it is the environmental ecology. People around both VI’s and voters itself. Anyway, we want change and all were trying to give their best.
Congrats, we have done our part!


Anonymous said...

Your exactly right. I am done with my votes around 7pm that day. Had to wait long lines, long hours but what,s important,i exercise my right to vote.

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