Friday, June 4, 2010


Lately, another disaster hit to Guatemala City. Number of houses and buildings are suddenly disappear and missing. It was a so-called sinkhole. This is quite alarming to us in our environment now days. Even here in Philippines, we had sinkhole evidences in some cities and provinces according to Al Emil Berador, chief geologist in MGB Mines and Geosciences Bureau.

What is sinkhole?
Sinkholes are natural formational that occur after limestone deposits gradually corrode and when in contact with weak carbonic acid. This is a combination of water and carbon dioxide. In addition, are common where the rock below the land surface is limestone, carbonate rock, salt beds, or rock that dissolves by circulating ground water. As the rock dissolves, spaces and caverns develop underground.

What causes sinkhole?
These can only occur if a corroded limestone area is disturbed by natural tremors such as earthquakes or by human induced activities. By the way, sinkholes formation can be detected through core drilling or ground penetrating radar.

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mya said...

Good Evening,
In the area that I live in, the sink holes are usually where a water main has busted and washed away the dirt under the street. Amazing how big even these can be sometimes!
However, in Florida the land does have a lot of limestone and sinkholes have been a problem. At least one city had several sinkholes occur during a span of about three years and in just a few blocks of each other.

Simoney said...

Wow, that is a very freaky hole!!!
I never sdaw that on the news here...

I trie to follow you back but google connect was frozen :(
Will try again later...
thanks for visiting (and being my 190th follower!)

Annelie said...

Oh My God! This is terrible! Thank´s for sharing this.....

Donna said...

Wow...this is so interesting! I'm so glad you told me about your blog as I will enjoy reading it.

Donna from Texas At Comin' Home

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