Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to School Financial Assistance Raffle Contest Winners

Better late, we would like to congratulate the winners of B2SFA (Back to School Financial Assistance) Raffle Contest which started last June 15, 2010. We really appreciate the time and effort of those who participated in this contest. I am grateful to my friend and co-host "burn", for making it possible.

Here are the list again of the participants of B2SFA (Back to School Financial Assistance) Raffle Contest

Mapeh homepage

  1.  Aaron Eldelito Comeros 2-Ruby (Facebook)
  2. Aaron Eldelito Comeros (Friendster)
  3. Kester Lance B. Gutierrez 2 - Bronze (Facebook)
  4. Kester Lance B. Gutierrez (Friendster)
  5. Kenneth  M. Cuttara 2-Diamond
  6. Jose Leander R. Velasquez 2-Diamond
  7. Nicole Jao CaƱete
  8. Louie Joy B. EnDrino 3
  9. Trina Caneda
  10.  Lou Angus  3-Yellow
  11.  Krizzha Oljol 2 - Ruby
  12. Louel Roy Ubod 2-Diamond
  13. Carly Mae Suico (twitter)
  14. Carly Anne Zosa (facebook)

Pink Go Green

  1.  Urp6teacher
  2.  Aaron Eldelito Comeros 2-Ruby
  3. Krizzha oljol 2-Ruby
  4. Carly Mae Suico 2-Diamond (Facebook)
  5. Carly Mae Suico 2-Diamond (Friendster)
  6. Louel Roy Ubod 2-Diamond
So here we go...
3.Kester Lance B. Gutierrez 2 - Bronze (Facebook)
Price: Php 500.00

5.Carly Mae Suico 2-Diamond (Friendster)
Price: Php 500.00

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