Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alay Lakad Experiences

 From the left: Ate Steph, Jemarie, Rica Mae , Clauden, and Angel
Center: Ate Channen, Ate Ana

From the Right: Tita Abcill, Mel Rose, Shaliah, Miravenice, Lyka, Ella and Hannah
From the Left 2nd row: Cora Jane, Kayne, Clarice, Gige, Angelika, Dianne, Dianne Claire and Jane Claire

  Girls...left, right, left, rigt, left                                                   Chanting...on the parade

I have joined Alay Lakad since Grade-5 and I found out that it was tiring but it was still fun having unforgettable moments with my friends.

Just this year, I also joined the Alay Lakad now that I am in high school. I was very happy because of the bonding that we have done together with the other senior and cadet scouts. We had very fun moments especially on the part where we shouted funny phrases like, "Suya mo, gwapa meh" that made others laugh at us. I knew that everyone who joined Alay Lakad are very tired and exhausted because of the heat that followed us from the beginning of the parade until it ended at Cebu City Sports Center. We all felt tired but we still can thank God for that day.

After the parade, we all went to church to thank God for the blessings that we received we hope and prayed that this will again happen in the next years that will come. I hope to be happy again with the Ate's and of course, with Tita Abcill that joined us in the parade. I will always remember this very unforgettable experience.

Submitted by:
Ella Mae L. Amar
Cora Jane B. Maranga

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Jane Claire Jamili I-Diamond said...

Since this is my first time in joining alay lakad since our school has a religion of "Christian" I had so much fun and enjoyed every step along the way. I had also had fun talking to the navy who were asking a few questions about scouting. They took pictures of our uniform and of course our faces. We laugh and laugh because the navy who were talking with us were also jokers. As we start walking,our ate made some jokes that put fun while walking. Like we shouted "SUYA MO GWAPA MI!!" I was ashamed that time and so I didn't shout. We also saw boyscouts who were following us. They are very well-trained. After the alay lakad, we went to the Sto. ROsario church to pray and thank the Lord for the successful Alay Lakad 2010. It was Sunday that time. Some are serious and some are talking at the back while the mass is still on going. After the mass,I directly went home.I also sleep for 4 hours because i woke up early. It was great , fun and a new experience to me. This is one great event that I would not forget in my whole life. ^^....

Angelika Miñoza said...

I agree of what ella and cora said.The Alay Lakad is really tiring but it is enjoyable.As I was walking with the other girl scouts on the parade,I felt sleepy.Imagine,I woke up at 4:30!As I arrived home,I rush to my bed and slept.Well anyway,even if in this,I enjoyed a lot on the day of our Alay Lakad.I hope this will continue until next and the coming years.

burn said...

I love to join the said event, but my body doesn't allow it.. sorry girls!!!

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