Thursday, September 2, 2010

Investiture Preparation

Things to Prepare for Investiture:

  • The girl must have completed the requirements for membership.
  1. Complete Senior/Cadet Scout Uniform
  2. Senior/Cadet Pin
  3. Senior/Cadet Investiture Pin
  4. Troop Scarf
  • The Place like school lawn or school ground. Also,  the area and event must have the following:
  1.  Table
  2.  Ten small candles
  3.  Three bigger candles (meduim)
  4.  One very big candle (large)
  5.  Matches
  6.  Chairs
  7.  Philippine Flag
  8.  School/Troop Flag
  9.  Flagpole
  10.  Flag stand

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