Sunday, September 5, 2010

Troop Birthday

What is Troop Birthday?

The troop registration date of the troop is troop birthday. At this time, most troops have special celebration with cakes and candles and make a ceremony of paying national dues, or getting their new membership card.

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Ashly Borbon said...

yehey madayon gyud i love troop birthday

camel fratz leyson said...

yeah,...gogogo!!!! hahaha...whew... attend pud ko ana...nice!!!pakals!! haha

hannah b. idahan said...

yehey!!!! love it!happy birthday sa tanang mag birthday!!
i wish more birthdays will come to your life!! and God bless you! mwaaahhx.........

Daisy Ybanez said...

happy b-day troop !.. wish more birthdays to come .. hahah ..

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