Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Camp Gate

This was the camp gate of UC-GSP, awarded as Best in Camp Gate during the Patrol Leaders Camp Permit Course conducted at MYVRPTC (Camp Marina), Capitol Hills, Cebu City last November 19-21, 2010.

Congratulation to the following Girl Scouts:
  1. Pulvera, Dianne
  2. Borongan, Jemarie
  3. Ybanez, Rica Mae
  4. Amar, Ella Mae
  5. Maranga, Cora Jane
  6. Nabua, Shamaine
  7. Jamili, Jane Claire
  8. Minoza, Angelika
  9. Tatang, Hany Grace
  10. Dela Pena, Christine
  11. Ylanan, Marinanne
  12. Po, Sandre
  13. Jayme, Rica
  14. Inso, Kayne
  15. Colao, Claudine Joy
  16. Orlanes, Miravenice
  17. Jecong, Shaila
  18. Diola, Lorenz Jean
  19. Apostol, Heide Mae
  20. Ciano, Dianne
GSP Adviser: Tita Abcill Alquisola
Asst. Adviser: Ate Stephanie Ganancial

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Angelika MiƱoza said...

I really enjoyed our camping at the Camp Marina...I just hope that my parents would allow me to go to Baguio because I know that it would be more exciting and enjoyable to have a camping at Baguio City....


congrats to all girl scouts who joined this event, especially to ate kayne !!!!!!!!

ella mae l. amar said...

Wow what a beautiful experience!!!
I hope we can do it again,even though we don't have our ate's,we still enjoyed and had fun.
Atleast we had experienced something new!!
Thanks to all who cooperate!!

cora said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! this training is so really tiring but enjoying.,. Especially when it comes to food.,. ehemm.,. every food which were prepared were very delicious.,. ehehehe.,. because of this training, my confidence really show up because i was inspired by the students of science high so i promise to myself that I will raise uc-gsp to the highest level.,. not only me but all of the uc-gsp scouters.,. char!!!!!

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» thanks you for visiting San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

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