Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Successful Troop Birthday and Birthday Bash

54 small cupcakes and candles lighted for Troop Birthday and Birthday

The sweetest gifts in the entire world are those that glow with love. They lift you up when you feel down and shine like stars above!

 After care pose...

From the left Tita Abcill, Christhalie, Camel, Mariel, Danica,
Rema, Monique, Vina, Kuya Glenn and Mikko
Second row Ate Stephanie, Shermaine, Joshua, Christian, Ma. Joy,
Ate Channen and Ate Jhiel
Thank you so much for sharing us your days, smiles, hopes, and dreams. We have treasured and appreciate your presence, and we know we always will!

 In behalf of the UC-GSP organization, troop leaders, Tita Abcill ,Tita Rose Jane and Ate Stephanie , we are expressing our heartfelt gratitude to all the people whom in one way or another, make this affair a success!


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Robin said...

Cute photos, I like the pink party hats :).

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shaii said...


RyHeAnNe said...

Hi sis thank you for reminding me about the contest badge, wala kasi akong nabasa. Naduling cguro ako kya ngskip (hehe). Anyway nailagay ko na badge sa blog ko The Writer's Mind sa right side bar.

karen villahermosa said...

maam thank to the food....nag enjoy jud ko maam og 8..thankz

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