Friday, December 3, 2010

Camp Reminders

Camp Reminders-Welcome to Camp!

  1. This is your home away from home. Make it as comfortable as you can by making as many gadgets as you can make.
  2. A clean camp is a happy camp. Avoid scattering pieces of papers, plastics, candy wrappers, tissues papper, ice cream cups, etc. Throw them in waste containers around.
  3. Conserve water and electricity. Use only what you can need to avoid breakdown of pumps and also brownouts.
  4. Fire destroys trees. Avoid building fire near roots and trees. Trees around camp should be left alone. Dont climb.
  5. Leave the flowers in their natural state so that they can be enjoyed by all. Dont pick them for flower arrangements.
  6. Always have a partner "buddy" whaever you go.
  7. Patrol system must be used in all aspects of work in camp.
  8. Running in camp may not be always safe. Just walk briskly, unless it is necessary to run. dont step on moving stones.
  9. All illness or accident should be reported once to the Unit Leader.
  10. Make as many friends as you can.
  11. Always remember to smile and live the girl scout promise and law.
Good Luck!!!

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