Saturday, January 22, 2011

Treatment of Pimple and Acne Problem

Teenage commonly suffers pimple or acne problem. There are things might worsen acne like failure to keep the skin clean, or the use of irritating soaps and the habit of squeezing blackheads or pimples.I myself experienced this kind of problem and low down my self-esteem towards my peers. Thanks, I surpass this problem.

Here are some tips to  treat pimple or acne problem:

Plan and choose skin-care regimen to meet your special needs.
Discuss matter with your dermatologist.
Wash affected areas gently with soap and use soft washcloth.
Avoid any beauty products that cause aggravation.
Stick to your skin-care plan every day, even if results are slow.

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Sherlyn Rivera said...

Yes, that is true. Teens like us suffers pimples and acne. And from that information, I learned that we must take good care of our face to avoid those facial problems.

charliex93 said...

Back acne is a real problem people like me.I constantly work out at the gym,and having back Acne is a big turn off for girls.Thank you for sharing your insights,i should able to treat mine now.

rustof1983 said...

Good idea for treatment for acne.It really is troublesome because it brings downs the confidence of people and sometimes it is itchy.Good article for acne treatment.Thank you for sharing.

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