Sunday, February 6, 2011

Council Senior and Cadet Encampment 2011

Congratulations! to the Girl Scouts of University of Cebu High School, Main Campus for garnering numerous awards during the "Council Senior and Cadet Encampment" held at MYVRPTC, Camp Marina Capitol Hills, Cebu City  last February 3-6, 2011.

  1. Ciano, Darlene
  2. Pulvera, Dianne
  3. Duazo, Angel
  4. Borongan, Jemarie
  5. Ybañez, Rica Mae
  6. Amar, Ella Mae
  7. Maranga, Cora Jane
  8. Nabua, Shamaine
  9. Jamili, Jane Claire
  10. Miñoza, Angelika
  11. Ylanan, Marianne
  12. Jayme, Rica
  13. Inso, Kayne
  14. Idahan, Hannah
  15. Tanio, Jill Olive
  16. Eyac, Shyra
  17. Figuracion, Clarice
  18. Cartilla, Angelique
  19. Nuñez, Jannicynth
  20. Montemayor, Jessel
  21. Colao, Clauden Joy
  22. Orlanes, Miravenice
  23. Jecong, Shalia Ilah
  24. Diola, Lorenz Jean
  25. Apostol, Heide Marie
  26. Oracoy, Innarose
  27. Cebu, Raquel
  28.  Mancera, Keyla
Tita's: Abcill, Susan and Ate Steph

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