Wednesday, April 6, 2011

GSP Service Award

2011 Annual Council Meeting and Awards Ceremony
Date: April 8, 2011
Venue: Casino Espanol de Cebu
V. Rama St., Cebu City

Nominees for GSP Service Awards
Who can be nominated?

  • District and School Commissioners
  • District and Barangay Committee members
  • DFA’s, SSC’s, TL’s, Co-Leaders
Who are qualified to be nominated?
  • Currently registered as DC and BC Members, TL’s, Co-Leaders’
  • Active Members of the Girl Scouting movement
  • Support in Girl Scout programs, training, and finance
Award Scheme:
Bronze 3  years
Silver 6  years
Gold 9  years
Jade12 years
Crystal15 years
Garnet18 years
Amethyst21 years
Pearl24 years
Coral27 years
Bronze Service Medallion30 years
Silver Service Medallion35 years
Gold Service Medallion40 years

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