Thursday, November 3, 2011

Troop Birthday

UC-GSP turns 9 years old by November…

This coming November 8 is our troop birthday. Help us celebrate by joining in all our fun here at Pink Go Green.

Inspire our girls and others by:
  • Leaving us messages or comments
  • Following us at FB or GC

Our birthday wish:
To reach 500 followers/friends to inspire us;
To reach 20 patrols;
To have backyard/troop camp;
To organize an outdoor adventure like hiking, sleep over, etc.
To join regional and national encampment.

About Us:
Troop Name: Floret
Troop Number: #21, 22 & 516
Troop Address: Cebu Council
Troop Birthday: November 8
Troop Member: 120

Thank you for reading and commenting...


Anonymous said...

advance happy troop birthday!!

i hope we will stay longer and more power on out troop!!
God Bless!!

rica said...

Advanced Happy Birthday!

On the Birthday Of The UC-GSP, I wish a year full of success and glory. With faith, courage and dedication, no dream is too big. Keep up with our efforts, staying oblivious to the results and we will certainly get what we desire. I wish a very Happy Birthday.

Once again Advanced Happy Birthday!

karen A. Tumala said...

hapi troop birthday...

more powers to our troop & may our troop last longer..

Khryzia Largo said...


God Bless US with never-ending blessings and PEACE :)
I hope our birthday wishes will be granted , hope so :D


rica said...

( to Maureen heramis)

Happy Troop Birthday!
Thank you for sharing you knowledge and skills.
We hope you will continue enhancing your skills and abilities. Keep up the good work Ate maureen.

Thank you for being a good friend and a sister
^_^ FRom : RIca Mae Kate Ybanez (Cute)

rica said...

to (tita abcill)

=> Happy Troop BIrthday!
Thank you for everything especially your endless support and advises which encouraged us to go on and never give up in facing the challenges in our life. Thank you so much. SOrry kay pabadlong mi ..hehe

i considered you the best teacher, adviser, tita and at the same time my second mother.
Thank you for guiding us...

Happy Troop BIrthday..

From: Rica Mae Kate Ybanez

rica said...

to (shamaine Nabua)

Happy Troop Birthday
Thank you so much for being one of the "naning girl scout" tungod sa cooperation ninyo ug sa coopeartionsaa uban and understanding sa isat-sa ang UC-GSP kay united og nindut.MOst of all sa atong Supportive na tita..

Happy Troop Birthday!
from: Rica Mae Kate Ybanez

rica said...

to(Hany grace tatang)

Happy Troop Birthday!

thank you for your kindness and thank you for being a good leader, chairman and at the same time a friend and a sister.

thank you sa tanan..

Happu Troop Birthday!
From: RIca mae KAte Ybanez

rica said...

to (karen tumala)

Happy Troop Birthday!

thank you for the skills you have shared. and for being kind, an understanding friend and a loving sister to everyone

Happy Troop Birthday
From: Rica MAe Kate Ybanez

rica said...

to(angelika minoza)

happy Troop Birthday!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and talents. Keep up the good work. Yaw lang ka HIgh blood dayun... be happy always..

Happy Troop Birthday!
From: Rica Mae Kate Ybanez

rica said...

Happy troop birthday nalang sa tanan sorry d man nako ma sendan tanan og Message kay katogon na jud koe...

Happy Troop birthday !
pasensya na po...

From:Rica Mae Kate ybanez

Chazzy Rhys Gabutin said...

to (ate Jeah Gulfan)

Happy Troop Birthday!

Ate, Thank you for being the most cheerful and the being the best among the rest, thank you for the understanding and support you've given during out backyard encampment... => God Bless You Ate!! <3

Ann said...

I have been looking back to my old post, and notice we had not been visiting each other. How are you?

A happy 2012 to you.

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