Thursday, July 1, 2010

List of Participants B2SFA Raffle Contest

Mapeh homepage

  1. Aaron Eldelito Comeros 2-Ruby (Facebook)
  2. Aaron Eldelito Comeros (Friendster)
  3. Kester Lance B. Gutierrez 2 - Bronze (Facebook)
  4. Kester Lance B. Gutierrez (Friendster)
  5. Kenneth M. Cuttara 2-Diamond
  6. Jose Leander R. Velasquez 2-Diamond
  7. Nicole Jao CaƱete
  8. Louie Joy B. EnDrino 3
  9. Trina Caneda
  10. Lou Angus 3-Yellow
  11. Krizzha Oljol 2 - Ruby
  12. Louel Roy Ubod 2-Diamond
  13. Carly Mae Suico (twitter)
  14. Carly Anne Zosa (facebook)
Pink Go Green
  1. Urp6teacher
  2. Aaron Eldelito Comeros 2-Ruby
  3. Krizzha oljol 2-Ruby
  4. Carly Mae Suico 2-Diamond (Facebook)
  5. Carly Mae Suico 2-Diamond (Friendster)
  6. Louel Roy Ubod 2-Diamond
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