Monday, October 4, 2010

Investiture Ceremony Experiences Entry #1

Smile... says gahhh.....  A pose with parents..                                At the center Tita Abcill and Tita Rose Jane

Wow! What a wonderful experience! It was very fun during our Investiture. I can now really feel the essence of being a senior girl scout. It was very fun having another unforgettable experience with friends and fellow Girl Scouts. We almost forget our lines because of the excitement of being invested, and the new activities and projects that we will face as senior and cadet scouts.

 All the parts of the program from the welcome address to the last part was interesting, we can really learn and discover new things. I knew all the ates’ are nervous in reciting the candidates for membership, but they did it! They made in the sake of scouting. Also for the other girls who gave their effort in the investiture.

All the girls took part in making the investiture possible. Without the hands working together, we can make all things possible. We are also making our heartfelt gratitude to our Tita Abcill, Tita Rose Jane and especially to our parents who really took part in the ceremony. To all the teachers and ates, thank you. I hope to enjoy more activities in being a SENIOR SCOUT.

Written by:
Scout Ella Mae  Amar

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mya said...

My daughter was in scouts from the Daisy level to Senior Scout. I enjoyed it as much as she did;I started off helping out and ended up being a coleader. The trips we took were a wonderful experience for scouts and adults. I think I liked the camping best of all.
It is wonderful to see in your pictures that you have so many kids and adults involved.

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