Sunday, October 3, 2010

Investiture Ceremony Experiences Entry #2

For how many years that I have been joining the "Organization of Girl Scouting", the first thing I had surpassed was the "Investiture" one. I was invested as a "Star Scouts", as a "Junior Scouts", and just yesterday, I was invested as a "Senior Girl Scouts".

I consider "Investing" as one of the "sacraments" of the Girls Scouts just like one of the sacraments of God, which is the "Evangelizing" one. As what Tita Abcill said that this "Investiture Ceremony" is just like baptizing you as a true member of the Organization of Girl Scouts. That is why our parents should be there, in the ceremony, to witness the success of their daughters as true member of a Girl Scouts Organization, which they should be proud of.

Yesterday, when we had our Investiture Ceremony, even though some parts of the program were not organized well, we continue the program despite of some selected Girl Scouts who were not prepared and some were nervous to say their respective lines in the program.

Written by:
Scout Cora Jane B. Maranga

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