Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Preparation of Kapers

Kapers functions:

1. Patrol-In-Charge
  • take charge of prayers, colors, evening activities and other ceremonies in coordination with the Guider-In-Charge;
  • responsible for thee turn-over of the flag after the flag retreat to the next patrol. Sees that ceremoniesare rehearsed before the actual event;
  • take charge of physical fitness exercise with coordination of guider-in-charge.
2. Mess and Dinning
  • sets the tables and brings in food from the kitchen;
  • leads grace songs before and after meals;
  • scrapes the plates, group all silverwares, cups, glasses and carries them to the washing area.
3. Cook
  • takes charge of food and cook for the day;
4.  Toilet and Bath
  • sees to the cleanliness to the toilet and bathrooms.
5. Dish Washing
  • takes charge of washing eating utensils,wiping and returning them to thier respective places;
  • sees to the cleanliness of the washing area.
6. Session Hall and Grounds
  • sees that the session hall is clean and ready for all;
  • provides clean blackboards etc.;
  • leads songs before and after sessions;
  • puts off lights after sessions;
  • sees to the cleanliness of the surroundings.

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