Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Presents

Last night, before I went home I bought flowers and balloon as Valentine presents for my friend and aunt. I am amazed of what I have seen for those who queued to buy flowers and just to give something for their loved ones this Valentine Day. Although, flowers are a bit expensive on this day however, there are lot of people trying to purchase it.

Wow, the merchandisers had different ways and approaches just to consume their goods particularly that night. Indeed, I bought flowers and balloons in cheapest cost. A red rose that cost 10-15 pesos each and 25 pesos per balloons’ in the morning. I got it for only 30 pesos per balloon, and it comes along with the flower red roses and personalized card. This was a great offer. So, I brought at home 2 sets of valentine presents for my loved ones.

Hope you prepared something? How would you feel about giving your valentine presents to your love ones? Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I enjoy flowers, but instead of buying them, I prefer to grow them!


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