Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crowd Contol

Recently, we had our council encampment at camp marina. This is one of the GSP highlights before the school year end. This kind of event participated by different districts, schools and universities. It is a four-day event and we had lot of activities and challenges to enjoy.

We had adventure games, trek, swimming, and tour. Most of the activities are in parallel and simultaneous schedule. One of the activities that was memorable to us, when we had our city tour for a whole day. We have to be early before the service bus arrives. While waiting for the bus we stay in line with the help of barricades and velvet rope provided by the bus company.

Hence then, we are too many and crowded there are lot of stanchions installed to avoid commotions. It was a great help to the activity that crowd control equipments was provided by the company to minimized chaos, disorder and turmoil.

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