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Patrol System S.Y. 2012-2013

S.Y. 2012-2013

Patrol Cherry Blossom
(Symbolizes Good education, Spiritual beauty)
Patrol Leader: Largo, Khryzia Maria
Patrol Second: Iwayan, Cathleen Gayle
Patrol Scribe: Teoxon, Michelle Marie Therese
Patrol Treasurer: Morandarte, Stephanie
Grub Leader: Gumanay, Julia Anne
Hike and Aid Leader: Godinez, Landee
Song and Cheer Leader: Llaban, Kheana
Quarter Leader: Baquio, Jackielou

Patrol Rose
(Symbolizes Innocent love, Beauty and youth)
Patrol Leader: Nabua, Shamaine
Patrol Second: Maglinte, Lorraine
Patrol Scribe: Gallardo, Lycca Marie
Patrol Treasurer: Baring, Emmarie
Grub Leader: AnnVosotros, Nicole Armie
Hike and Aid Leader: Jumonong, Melche Ann
Song and Cheer Leader: Ponla, Fatima Grace
Quarter Leader: Vigilancia, Laurynne May 

Patrol Lavender
(Symbolizes Acknowledgment, Constancy)
Patrol Leader: Ylanan, Marianne
Patrol Second: Fabio, Donna Mae
Patrol Scribe: Seciban, Lavella
Patrol Treasurer: Paghacian, Ma. Heneva
Grub Leader: Manatad, Jeselle Laica
Song and Cheer Leader: Aribal, Maria Ethelia
Hike and Aid Leader: tanio, Jill Olive
Quarter Leader: Satera, ma. Nieve

Patrol Jasmine
(Symbolizes Cheerfulness, Good sense of humor)
Patrol Leader: Java, Amethest
Patrol Second: Pulvera, dianne Claire
Patrol Scribe: Carreon, Shelley
Patrol Treasurer: Ocampo, Kathleen Anne
Grub Leader: Gelbolingo, Armira
Song and Cheer Leader: Galabasa, Ellah Mae
Hike and Aid Leader: Diola, Lorenz Jean
Quarter Leader: Caparida, Kimberly

Tiger Lily or Water Lily
(Symbolizes Pride, Wealth)
Patrol Leader: Dela Cerna, Marianne
Patrol Second: Rabor, Johann Margarette
Patrol Scribe: Flores, Patricia Mae
Patrol Treasurer: Villaneza, Leah
Grub Leader: Delica, Casey Louise
Cantiveros, Mary Beth
Song and Cheer Leader: Tamayo, Nicole Angelie
Hike and Aid Leader: Co, Sofia Andrine
Quarter Leader: Bolotano, Zofia

Patrol Sunflower
(Symbolizes Wishes, Loyalty)
Patrol Leader: Apostol, Heidi
Patrol Second: Obenita, Karla Marie
Patrol Scribe: Caballes, Renee Marie
Patrol Treasurer: Calipes, Cherry Ann
Grub Leader: Buselak, Lourraine
Song and Cheer Leader: Vergara, Rhiena
Hike and Aid Leader: Abella, Melanie
Quarter Leader: Tumilap, Crishele Mae

Patrol Lutos
(Symbolizes Purity, Truth, Mystery, Estranged love)
Patrol Leader: Cebu, Raquel
Patrol Second: Ranido, Keith
Patrol Scribe: Rosales, Danya
Patrol Treasurer: Mosquite, Pia Lyn
Grub Leader: Deveraturda, Vienna Mae
Song and Cheer Leader: Ybanez, Daisy
Hike and Aid  Leader: Agmata, Rosalina
Quarter Leader: Bia, Steffie Blair

Patrol Daisy
Symbolizes sweetness, Loyalty
Patrol Leader: Eguchi, Arani
Patrol Second: Paras, Johanna Jane
Patrol Scribe: Corbeta, Suzie
Patrol Treasurer: Leyros, Fe
Grub Leader: Ouano, Mariel
Song and Cheer Leader: Cagados, Trexie Nicole
Hike Leader: Pondoyo, Christine Lyka
Quarter Leader: Opolentisima

Group 9-Patrol Anthurium
Symbolizes Hospitality

Patrol Leader:
Patrol Second:
Patrol Scribe:
Patrol Treasurer:
Grub Leader:
Song and Cheer Leader:
Hike Leader:
Quarter Leader:

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lorik said...

Lovely flowers! Happy New Year to you and your family.

HansHB said...

Nice flowers!
Happy New Year to you!

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